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Our business partner

If you are a distributor, wholesaler, supplier, aquarium shop or pet shop from India then we can supply exotic aquarium freshwater fish, plants & accessories at cheapest rate to your nearby airport. We offer to the wholesaler and retailer a one stop solution for constant supply of quality livestock at a quality and price that cannot be found elsewhere.

We are direct importers, exporters and breeders of Tropical fish. Our customer gets a captive breed/tank raised fish & legal fish only. Aqua Source cut out unnecessary middlemen.

We have fantastic selection of freshwater tropical fish, frozen foods, aquarium tank starter kits, accessories and much more. Many varieties of fish we stock at our place but if you would like a particular species of fish or special food that is not in stock, we can specially arrange for you.

Our freshwater tropical fish selection includes:

  • Live Bearers - Swords, Mollies, Guppies, Platties, Tetras, Danios, Bettas, many more
  • Cichlids – Angel fish, Discus, Convicts, Dempseys, Flower Horn & many more
  • Scavengers - Catfish, Plecos and many more
  • Other – Gold fish, Koi, Silver Doller, Arowana

Aquarium Accessories
Aqua Source has everything available for your valued customers which include:

  • All Glass Aquarium, Tank Kits
  • Fish Tanks from 10 to 125 gallons - even larger sizes are available
  • All branded Filters & Powerheads
  • Aquarium Hoods and Lighting equipments
  • Fish Tank Heaters in every range
  • Gravel, Plants, Rocks, Decorative Backgrounds & Driftwoods
  • Fish Tank Cleaning Supplies
  • Garden Pond Supplies
  • Nets & other aquarium accessories


Why AQUA Source?

Leading supplier in Mumbai

Quality products at resonable price

Delivery at nearest airport

One stop for all your aquarium needs

Only captive/tank raised & legal fish provider

No paperwork needed from your end

We can arrange special varieties which not easily available anywhere

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